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Hi! I’m Susan Keefe, producer of this true crime website. I’ve been a writer and editor for 50 years and a mama for 40.

Since 2007 I have collaborated with Charlie Wells, retired sheriff of Manatee County, Florida, to research and write a book about the murder of Sherry Brannon and her 4- and 7-year-old daughters in east Bradenton, Florida, in 1999.

Wells’ 41-year career in law enforcement included 23 years as sheriff where he and his colleagues solved numerous complex homicides. They captured the kidnapper of 13-year-old Clay Moore in 2007. 

Wells brings first-hand crime scene experience and knowledge of “where the bodies are buried”–all the testimony, witnesses, suspects, detectives, victims’ family members, the perpetrator, and crime scene photos– for crafting a true crime narrative.

He lives in Manatee County with his wife Leslie Wells, who has a 41-year career as a successful real estate broker, Leslie Wells Realty; and has two sons, twin daughters, five grandchildren, and one great grandchild. This is his first book.

While I’ve been a follower of true crime since I was 14, my adult experience has largely focused on business writing.

Now the mama part: I idolize my three sons, two daughters-in-law, and four beautiful grandchildren.

My husband, Bob Volpe, and I divide our time between our lake cottage in Battersea, Ontario, Canada, and our home in Norfolk, Virginia.



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